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Meet the Intern: Nick Stewart


Josie Flynn

on 4/15/2015

Nick Stewart came to us from Jeffersonville High as part of a technology internship program. Nick’s continued to intern with us now that he’s moved on to attending the University of Louisville and majoring in Computer Information Systems. When he’s not wrangling code at VIA Studio, Nick develops Android apps and is an avid Greco-Roman wrestler.

Nick helps us with WordPress and web application development while sharing his knowledge of browser-based animation with the rest of the development team. Nick’s proven he can wrangle any challenge that comes his way and is a great addition to our development team.

Nick’s goals for his internship include

Get used to working in a production team of designers and developers

Develop code according to Object Oriented Programming principles

Write more efficient and effective code

Use new CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript features

Flappy Corn, by Nick

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