Meet the Intern: Joshua Jean-Marie


Emilee Dover

on 12/2/2014

We first met this dapper young fellow when his teacher, Mrs. Liz Palmer, contacted us about an intern opportunity. Josh is a student in the Journalism & Communication magnet at duPont Manual High School. This made him the perfect addition to our Design Department. As the Design Director for the Crimson Record, Manual’s print news magazine, Josh works with writers and vendors from the inception of story ideas to final execution.

Although a little quiet at first, it wasn’t too long before Josh showed his tendency for sarcastic banter with the perfect amount of collected composure. That was when we knew he would really fit in. Now, he spends his afternoons teaching us how to Dougie and showing us the eccentricities of a younger, more adept generation.

Some of Josh’s goals this year are as follows:

Explore typography and different types of printing

Use what I learn at VIA and bring it back to the newspaper staff (designers)

Learn the twists and turns of working in a real world environment

Walk away with new skills that will better me as a person and designer

and teaching us all how to do this

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